Descent into audiophile-dom

This is how it begins, right? You’re in one of your favourite thrift stores just browsing around one day, and you spot this sweet looking piece of gear just sitting there on the shelf. It’s really cool looking. Your brain (and your wife) goes “Dude, get it”. Nevermind that you don’t know the first thing about audio except that it’s something your ears detect.

So now I’m the owner of what appears to be a double sided, very slick looking audio amp.

It’s a pretty hefty unit. The only labels on the amp are the DSM logo and a name plate saying who the amp was made for.

Audio amp name plate: Custom built for William H. Moody by DSM
Audio amp name plate: Custom built for William H. Moody by DSM

All the tubes emited a nice soothing warm reddish glow when I plugged the unit in and turned it on. Guessing that’s probably a good sign.

After thinking about it for a bit, I’m realizing that each side of the amp corresponds to the left and right channel coming from each device going into the unit.

I don’t know who William H. Moody is, and it’s unlikely I’ll ever find out. Whoever he was though, he probably liked his audio.

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