Song obsessions

Every now and then my brain gets fixated on a particular song at a level that goes way beyond ear worm. It gets embedded in there and my brain keeps stirring it up the way one might absent-mindedly fidget with a pen, or twiddle a lock of hair.

The latest one is Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel, probably partly triggered by my post-DST tweet.

It’s been on a pretty much non-stop loop in my brain all week.

Fortunately it’s a song I don’t mind and it hasn’t driven me crazy yet.

While listening to the Simon and Garfunkel version on Youtube, I came across this pretty awesome cover version by the heavy metal group, Disturbed.

One possible reason my wife offers for the continued looping in my brain is that since Sound of Silence doesn’t really have a firm definite ending, my brain keeps replaying it trying to end it. Seems plausible.

At some point, probably in a few more days or so, the song will fade and my brain will find something else to fixate on. In the meantime, here’s another cover version by Pentatonix.