Web comic: Wilde Life

Thanks to a post on imgur, I found a new web comic that I thought was pretty interesting.

Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas. The comic is nicely drawn, and has an interesting story.

Wilde Life

Oscar rented an old house off craigslist, then things got weird…

First it was meeting the ghost of a 1940s mathematician in the upstairs hallway, then it was finding a teenage werewolf in the bathtub. Now Oscar doesn’t know what will show up next. Maybe that’s okay, as long as nothing eats him.

Wilde Life is a supernatural adventure/horror series set in a small town in rural Oklahoma. It focuses on stories about creatures from Native American mythology as witnessed and documented by a journalist from Chicago, Illinois.

Go give it a read. You’ll be entertained.

Quick breakfast options

Looking ahead to when we’re in the new house, I’ll have a much longer commute. That means I’ll have significantly less time for making and eating breakfast than I did at the old house or even now in the apartment.

I’m already getting up at 0’dark-30 and with the new commute I’ll pretty much have to get ready to hit the road to work after taking the dogs out.

Time to contemplate some breakfast options. Something low carb, easy to make early in the morning (like under 15 minutes), or prepare the evening before and eat in the morning.

Most of my cookbooks are in storage at the moment so I’ll have to get most of my inspiration elsewhere.

  • I could get up at 0’dark or 0’darker to give me time for making something breakfast-y.
  • Use a slow cooker to make something overnight so that it’s ready in the morning.
  • Stockpile frozen breakfast type things that I can microwave in the morning.
  • Eat leftovers from the night before.
  • I could just grab something when I get to work too.
  • I also have a little mini-fridge in my office, so I could probably stock some things in there and do office breakfast.
  • Some or all of the above.

I’ve got a couple of months to come up with some ideas.

Church doughnuts

This past Sunday, we started our third year of doing coffee and doughnuts after the 9AM Mass at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church.

We get to the church at around 0730, and while I’m getting the tables and chairs set up, Connie’s picking up the doughnut order from the Krispy Kreme down the road.

Set up for coffee/doughnuts

We get anywhere from 14-18 dozen doughnuts each week. The amount depends on the time of year, and sometimes the weather forecast. There are usually fewer doughnuts over the summer (lots of people out of town on vacations) and during the colder months. Some days we have just enough doughnuts, some days we end up with 2 or 3 dozen left over. It’s always a bit of a crap shoot trying to figure out how many to order.




There’s coffee (regular and decaf) and tea for the grown-ups, hot chocolate, apple and orange juice for the kids and plenty of doughnuts to go around.

We’ve met some really nice people who have become coffee/doughnut helpers (serving doughnuts, pouring cups of juice for kids, cleaning up). It’s a bit of work, but we enjoy doing it. It’s nice to see parishioners and their families come in, sit, chat and socialize over coffee and doughnuts.

People enjoying coffee/doughnuts
Come for coffee and doughnuts, stay for the company

If you’re in the neighbourhood, stop in, say hi and have a doughnut! We do coffee and doughnuts pretty much every Sunday except for the third Sunday of each month (Knights of Columbus do their pancake breakfast that day). The doors open after the 9AM Mass, which usually ends around 10AM and we normally stick around until 11AM.

New year, new blog!

For a while I’ve been considering switching to a new platform for the blog, getting away from MovableType to something else I can get my hands dirty with.

After spending a while messing around with the various candidates, I decided to jump on the WordPress wagon with v16 of the blog. As a way of getting some practice messing around with WordPress, I’ll probably spend some time copying over some of the more recent content from v10 of the blog. Eventually my amateur radio blog will get the same treatment.

This should allow me to add a few new capabilities I’ve been considering too.

Flowers for Theresa

Theresa’s obituary said she wanted flowers.

In lieu of donations, Theresa requests flowers. Being a Cystic Fibrosis and transplant patient, Theresa was never allowed to have flowers, so she would want them in her celebration of life.

She got a lot of them. At the brunch (at Morgan Creek Grill) following the funeral mass, just about every table had two or three vases of flower arrangements, and there were several other larger arrangements on stands and on the floor. There were so many flowers it was almost like being in a florist shop.

As brunch wound up, guests were encouraged to take whichever arrangements they wanted. As pretty as they all were, I’m sure Theresa’s parents just didn’t have room to take them all.

I looked around for the arrangement we had sent, but I guess someone else thought it looked nice and claimed it. I picked out another nice colourful one instead.

Flowers for Theresa
Flowers for Theresa
Flowers for Theresa
Flowers for Theresa

She would have loved all the flowers.

It was a nice funeral mass (even though the priest told a rather different version of my gym story during his homily), and a nice brunch gathering afterwards, sharing favourite Theresa stories.