Dyson mending

A couple weeks ago, my 10 year old Dyson vacuum cleaner suffered a fairly significant structural failure near the top just above the cannister.

Had a few people suggest patching it back together with some epoxy, so I grabbed something appropriate looking (JB Weld) from the hardware store.

I’ve never worked with epoxy before, so after reading the instructions, I mixed up a little bit on a paper plate, spread a bit along the cracked surfaces and slathered the rest around the crack.

I’ll let it cure the rest of today and see how it turns out tomorrow.

Update 2016-12-04: Did some vacuuming this morning and the epoxy patch job seems to be pretty solid. Don’t feel any flexing at the repair joint. I think this will probably keep the Dyson going for a few more years.

I voted!

I got to vote in my very first presidential election after work today. Figured everybody would be trying to get in early to vote, so I planned on heading out from work a bit early to try and beat the after-work rush.

My polling place was at the Pimlico Community Center not too far from the house. I hadn’t been there before but it wasn’t too hard to find.

Encountered no lines at the polling place. A lot of cars out front, but I think a lot of them must have belonged to poll workers. I walked right in, showed my ID and went to the voting station. In and out in about 5 minutes.

Sadly they did not have any “I voted” stickers to give out when I was there.

Podcast list v2

Since I started with the podcast listening on the commute, I’ve found a bunch more podcasts to listen to over the last few months to deal with the longer commute from the house.

Depending on how much I’m listening during the day, this gives me plenty to listen to throughout the week, keeps me entertained and educated.

Moved in, time to unpack

Moving day #1 went off pretty well yesterday, with only a brief interruption by rain towards the end of the unloading at the house.

Got up early, brought the dogs and a few more things to the house, then off to get the truck rental from Home Depot. Got pretty much everything from the apartment loaded up into the truck. Towards the end, I was a little worried we were going to run out of room, but everything that needed to go managed to get onto the truck.

There are still a few odds and ends at the apartment, but those can all be loaded into the cars over the next few days.

Now the process of unpacking begins. Lots to do to get the shack and office set up.

In two weeks, Moving day #2 to get all the stuff from the storage unit to the house.