Three years

She’sHe not really dead. As long as we remember herhim.
– McCoy, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

There’s a lot of wisdom collected in Star Trek.

It’s been three years since Theresa died. A lot has happened in the past three years, but she’s never been very far from my thoughts.

The hops tower is on the way to my office, and I usually stop to see how the hops are doing. It hasn’t sprouted any hops flowers since the first year, but the hops continue to grow. One of my projects is to figure out how to assemble the hops tower photos I took from the past year into a time lapse movie.

The memories I have will stay with me, and as long as they do, a part of her will still be around.

Podcast list

I’ve outfitted the phone with a podcast player (Podcast Addict) and loaded it up with a bunch of podcasts. They’re mostly amateur radio related, but not all of them.

Amateur Radio podcasts

Other podcasts

A few of the podcasts are 15-30 minutes long, while most of them are around the 50-60 minute duration. Some of them only update with new episodes once a month while others are weekly. With my current commute, I’m able to get through about 1 or podcast episodes each day in the car, and if I decide to listen at my desk, another episode or two. This means I’m never out of episodes to listen to.

The podcast mix will probably change, and I’ll probably find some more to add to the list later. I’d like to find some other science/physics type podcasts to add. This is a pretty good start though, and I’m enjoying listening to them during the daily commute.

Of course all this podcast listening has cut down the amount of NPR listening I do on the radio, but given the current state of affairs of the country, that’s probably saving me some aggravation.

New car

Purchased a new-to-us used car a few days ago. We were originally looking at a 2014 Camry that had fairly low miles, but unfortunately it had been sold by the time we made the trip to the dealership to look at it.

We expanded our search criteria and ended up finding a 2014 Chevy Cruze with about 40k miles on it in really good condition and for a pretty good price.

For a very brief period, we were a three car household.

That didn’t last too long and we were able to sell the Camry and get back down to two cars.

The Cruze drives pretty well, has a lot of fancy new computer-y features that the Camry didn’t have. Being a newer car, there’s a lot more monitoring information available (tire pressure, gallons of fuel used, fuel efficiency, etc) that wasn’t around when the Camry was new.

The Aux input for the sound system is nice and I can play the podcasts I’ve been accumulating on my phone through the car speakers.

I think we managed to find a pretty decent car that I hope we’ll be able to hang on to for a long time.

New car time

Time to think about replacing the Camry.

The car has served me well over the past 16 years, and still runs pretty well. It’s had a fair bit of work done on it recently: new shocks and struts a few years ago, gaskets, tires and a few other things. Gas mileage is pretty decent (~23-25 mpg city driving). It handles road trips out to Atlanta and back nicely and is pretty comfy to drive still.

With the new house and longer commute coming up, time to get something newer though.

Not sure yet what we’ll do with the Camry. We could donate it, or sell it for a reasonable price to someone in need of a fairly reliable car.

As for what will replace it, we’re not sure yet. Another Camry is currently at the top of the list, but we have plenty of options to consider.


Web comic: Wilde Life

Thanks to a post on imgur, I found a new web comic that I thought was pretty interesting.

Wilde Life by Pascalle Lepas. The comic is nicely drawn, and has an interesting story.

Wilde Life

Oscar rented an old house off craigslist, then things got weird…

First it was meeting the ghost of a 1940s mathematician in the upstairs hallway, then it was finding a teenage werewolf in the bathtub. Now Oscar doesn’t know what will show up next. Maybe that’s okay, as long as nothing eats him.

Wilde Life is a supernatural adventure/horror series set in a small town in rural Oklahoma. It focuses on stories about creatures from Native American mythology as witnessed and documented by a journalist from Chicago, Illinois.

Go give it a read. You’ll be entertained.