New year, new blog!

For a while I’ve been considering switching to a new platform for the blog, getting away from MovableType to something else I can get my hands dirty with.

After spending a while messing around with the various candidates, I decided to jump on the WordPress wagon with v16 of the blog. As a way of getting some practice messing around with WordPress, I’ll probably spend some time copying over some of the more recent content from v10 of the blog. Eventually my amateur radio blog¬†will get the same treatment.

This should allow me to add a few new capabilities I’ve been considering too.

Another move

Moving time again!

This time it’s a switch from MovableType to WordPress. As with the previous move, stuff will stay here, and new entries will show up over at

Go find me there!

It’s 2016. Happy New Year!

2015 was a pretty good year by all accounts. Started out pretty quiet, and ended with a flurry of activity. The activity continues in 2016, but I’m anticipating it will be another good year too, especially with a new house to move in to.

Nala turned 11 a few days ago, and Simba will turn 10 next month. They’re both a little more gray around the muzzle and their paws, but they stlil don’t act their age, especially Simba.

It’s a rainy start to the new year and now it’s time to go start the Lord of the Rings marathon.

Hope everybody has a great 2016!