Happy New Year from Mah animals!

Happy New Year from Nala, Mischief, and Simba (and Gollum)!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

They hope your 2017 is filled with treats, toys, and soft places to sleep! (except Gollum…he just wants the Ring back)

Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center

The Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center is my new favourite place to go now.

The last time we were at KSC (back in 2012), the exhibit building was still under construction. Didn’t get to make it back for the exhibit opening, so we made sure to include it as part of the itinerary for our cruise last week.

The exhibit building is easy to find. Just look for the great big orange fuel tank of the shuttle booster rocket (it’s a full sized replica).

Space shuttle booster rocket
Replica of the space shuttle booster

The exhibit starts with a short film about the history of the space shuttle program, after which the big door opens and you see the Shuttle Atlantis in all its glory.

The Shuttle exhibit is pretty well done with lots of interactive displays, simulators and a “Meet a specialist” program where you can talk with people who worked on the shuttles.

Having grown up during the space shuttle era, I never imagined that I’d actually get to see it up close. There are a few places where you can reach out and almost touch the shuttle. You can even read the numbers on the heat shield tiles and see the texture of the heat shield blankets. So awesome.

Also part of the exhibit is a tribute for the crew of the Challenger and Columbia space shuttles. A very moving display with personal items that belonged to each crew member. Also part of the display is a body panel from Challenger and the cockpit windows from Columbia.

You can’t help but spend a few quiet moments here.

Dyson mending

A couple weeks ago, my 10 year old Dyson vacuum cleaner suffered a fairly significant structural failure near the top just above the cannister.

Had a few people suggest patching it back together with some epoxy, so I grabbed something appropriate looking (JB Weld) from the hardware store.

I’ve never worked with epoxy before, so after reading the instructions, I mixed up a little bit on a paper plate, spread a bit along the cracked surfaces and slathered the rest around the crack.

I’ll let it cure the rest of today and see how it turns out tomorrow.

Update 2016-12-04: Did some vacuuming this morning and the epoxy patch job seems to be pretty solid. Don’t feel any flexing at the repair joint. I think this will probably keep the Dyson going for a few more years.