Getting Smoked

My wife’s mom bought a smoker/grill a while ago, and this weekend finally got to use it. What it really means is that my wife and I ended up smoking and grilling just about everything in sight. The last couple of days we’ve been grilling fiends. Grilling/smoking/BBQ’ing is something we’re relatively new at, so each time was a bit of a learning experience. According to our test subjects, all the food turned out very tasty. Once we get a house, we’re looking forward to doing a lot more outdoor cooking.

One Reply to “Getting Smoked”

  1. I read that as grilling friends, then backed up and reread it đŸ™‚
    I do enjoy cooking on the grill, we got a new one recently with the side burner and warming racks, makes all the difference if the entire meal can be cooked ouside.

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