Dog park people

So what is it with people who bring their dog to the dog park, and then spend the entire time yakking on their cell phone instead of playing with their dog?
Dog park isn’t supposed to be just another place to ignore your dog. It’s supposed to be a place where they can go meet and play with other dogs and where you can go have fun playing with your dog and let them run around without worrying that they’ll run out onto the street and get hit by a car or something.
Gotta wonder about some pet owners sometimes.

3 Replies to “Dog park people”

  1. I saw just that the other day on my way home. This guy’s dogs ran into the Rutledge/Calhoun intersection during 5:30 traffic, and he is damn lucky he still has both dogs alive today. There were some serious close calls.

  2. I am always amazed at the number of people who own dogs and do not take proper care of them. Spending time with your dog makes him or her happy and well adjusted. An ignored dog will be pouty and unfriendly to all people. You need to think of your dogs as an extended part of your family. It is not enough to make sure they are fed and properly vaccinated for them to enjoy their lives.

  3. Dude, kinda gotta disagree with you a bit here. My dog, when she was younger, was happy just running around like an idiot, sniffing and digging. She doesn’t play fetch (unless it’s me chasing her trying to ‘fetch’ the verboten item she’s got).

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