Dog Park USA

Serendipitously, the day after I started my Lowcountry Dog Park series, I ran into Dog Park USA via a link posted on FriendFeed.
The site is geared towards providing a directory of dog parks around the US, and from the looks of things already has a pretty good collection of them.
Each dog park has it’s own page with map and brief description. Registered users can log in to submit photos or reviews of a dog park and rate the park as well.
One neat feature is the ability to form and join groups for a little bit of social networking I suppose.
Navigating the site is pretty simple. Haven’t seen a whole lot of content on the site yet. There are a few articles, a low (for now) activity forum and a few other things. I think there’s some good potential for the site, especially for people traveling or on the move and looking for a good dog park to go to.