Inside the signal generator

The inside of the signal generator looks in pretty good shape, almost like it was assembled yesterday. Plugged it in, turned it on and was rewarded with a soft orange glow from the two vacuum tubes inside.
There’s one very large electrolytic cap that’s marked 20 MFD which according to the schematic appears to be a 20 μF cap. It has two positive leads going into it and I’m not entirely sure I’d be able to find an exact replacement for it. Probably need to sub in 2 20 μF caps if it does need to be replaced.
The guy at replaced the two signal outputs on his IG-102 with BNC connectors, which seems like a pretty good idea and something I think I’ll try to do as well. Otherwise I’d probably have a hard time finding leads with the original style connectors to use. I’ll need to find some panel mount BNC connectors (female) and might need to snip/replace some capacitors to replace the old connectors.