Charleston Eats: Cory’s Grilled Cheese

Cory’s Grilled Cheese has been open for a few weeks now in the spot that formerly housed one of my regular eating joints, Great American Grill. Finally got around to stopping there for an early lunch today.

The menu offers a selection of several grilled cheese sandwich variants, or you can build your own from the wide variety of options. Since I’ve already sampled the grilled cheese sammich, I opted to try the burger. The standard burger comes with lettuce, tomatoes and onion. From there you can add whatever extra toppings you like. I ordered mine with cheddar and bacon.

CorysGrilledCheese_Burger.jpgWhen the burger came out they’d forgotten to add the bacon, but that was easily fixed. Not mentioned on the menu is the fact that their burgers come with two patties, and cheese on each one. Not bad for $4. The two patties makes the burger pretty substantial and with a big basket of fries, it’s a pretty good deal.


While it’s probably not going to be the greatest burger you’ve ever had, I enjoyed it and found it quite satisfying. Simple, basic and tasty, just like the rest of the menu.