Component gold mine

I had the fortune of acquiring a veritable gold mine of electrical components tonight. 5 parts bins worth of resistors, capacitors, transistors, switches, ICs and other miscellaneous parts. Most everything is pretty organized so there’s really no sorting that needs to be done. Most of the components were pretty easily identifiable, but there were others that I had never seen before and have no idea what they do.

Five component bins on the workbench

A lot of items are pretty old, but have never been used. One whole parts bin is just resistors, containing regular carbon film resistors, a few big power resistors and some carbon composition resistors, which you don’t see a whole lot of these days.

Component bins of assorted resistors.

The next bin contains transistors and a few other miscellaneous parts. Some of the are unidentifiable other than their form factor and others have never been used.

Component bins of transistors and miscellaneous parts.

The third bin is kind of a mish-mash of parts – pre-wound coils, resistors, things that looked like variable capacitors. Quite a few components in this bin that I have never seen before.

Component bins of resistors, capacitors, coils.

The capacitors bin contains some interesting capacitors. Lots of electrolytic caps, and some really big caps in the mF range that I guess could be used for power filtering.

Component bins of assorted electrolytic capacitors.

The fifth bin contained all sorts of ICs and EEPROMS. I’m not sure how much of what’s in here will be useful, but I’ll need to try to identify them first. There are even a bunch of Z80 CPU chips in here. I wonder if I could do anything with them.

Component bins of integrated circuits and EEPROMS.

I’m going to need more shelf space.