Charleston Eats: Swig and Swine

We made a stop at Swig & Swine for lunch today. Between the two of us, the 2-meat platters let us sample almost all of their smoked meat offerings. If you can, sit toward the back at their “meat counter” where you can watch the guys pulling and slicing slabs of meat to fill orders. Fun place to sit and watch.

While we were waiting, the guy slicing meats was nice enough to give us a sample of the pork belly. So delicious.


Soon after came our platters: Pulled pork/house made sausage with cheddar grits and pickled vegetables, and smoked turkey/brisket with brunswick stew and beans with brisket.



For dessert, we split a chocolate pecan pie.


Be hungry when you go. You’ll probably leave with leftovers.