Lowcountry dog park tour: Daniel Island Governors Park dog park

Over on Daniel Island in the shadow of I-526 is Governors Park dog park. It’s a pretty large park with a large big dog section and a smaller small dog section.

It’s a relatively new park, and the size offers plenty of room for dogs to run and stretch their legs. At one end of the park are some trees that provide some shade (in addition to the shade provided by I-526), and there are some benches for people to sit on.

A fence separates the small dog section and main section with a gate allowing access between the two sections. A single water fountain serves both sections.

Dog lock gates at either end provide access to the main dog park section.

Most of the dog park appears to be covered with a sandy material with lots of shell and shell fragments, which makes me think that perhaps it’s dredge material that used to be at the bottom of the harbour. It’s pretty soft and cushy should be nice for dogs to run around on.

Here’s the dog park on Google Maps