Recovering from surgery

Everything seems to have gone well with the back surgery to remove the bits of the L5/S1 disc that squished out. Checked in to the hospital just before noon yesterday, and was home by about 5:30 that afternoon. The actual surgery only took about an hour (so I’m told) so most of the time was waiting, getting prepped and then recovery in the PACU.

Pain from the surgery site has been pretty minimal (~5 cm incision site in the middle of my lower back). No staples or stitches that need to be removed later, so all I need to do is rest and let everything heal up.

The leg is feeling better with less weakness and numbness. I imagine that will improve even more as the nerves recover.

Off work for the next week and a half for recovery. Planning to use that time to catch up on some reading, do some more work on my equipment tracking application, and binge on some Netflix.