So long Radio Shack (again)

Just as I was getting used to having another Radio Shack near me again, news came of General Wireless filing for bankruptcy (Chapter 11). They ended up with Radio Shack after the 2015 bankruptcy filing.

I stopped by the Radio Shack near the house (one of three left in the Charleston area) and was sad to learn that they would be one of the stores closing.

It sounds like the Radio Shack in Mount Pleasant will remain open (for now) leaving two left in the area. The other one in Summerville is a franchise and is unaffected.

With the store closing, everything was on sale (except for the Sprint stuff), so I picked up a few things.

Radio Shack haul
Radio Shack haul

The receipt was almost 1 m long.

A few packs of hookup wire, variety packs of resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes, a few reels of solder, toggle switches, 555 and 556 timers, op amps, soldering iron tips, heat shrink tubing and prototyping boards. There was a lot more I probably could have left with.

May need to go back in a week or so to see what’s left.

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