One last visit

Stopped at my local Radio Shack again to see if it was still open and much to my surprise, it was, although today was the last day.

There wasn’t much left in the way of components, but I still found a few more things to pick up. Hard to turn things down when they’re marked down 90%. A few packs of 1/8 W resistors, 3 packs of terminal strips, 4 spools of speaker wire, some RF chokes and 4 PIR sensors.

Radio Shack haul part 1
Radio Shack haul part 1

After a bit of hemming and hawing over whether I should go back for more (didn’t want to seem greedy or anything), I headed back for round 3. At some point, someone else had stopped there and bought out the rest of the resistors, so I settled on (nearly) cleaning out the capacitors. I’m already pretty stocked up on resistors from the first trip anyway. Also picked up the rest of the heat sinks, IC sockets and a couple of telescoping antennas.

Radio Shack haul part 2
Radio Shack haul part 2

I probably could have grabbed a few more things, but they weren’t things that I would have easily found a use for.

Now to start setting things up so I can build things…

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