New storm to watch

Tropical depression 15 arrived with the NHC‘s 11 AM update today. Forecast calls for it to become Tropical Storm Maria soon. This looks like it will be one to watch over the next couple of weeks.

TD15 20170916 1500UTC
TD15 20170916 1500UTC

From the 20170916 1300UTC update:

The disturbance is expected to be in environmental conditions
conducive for strengthening during the next several days as the
shear is expected to be 10 kt or less while the cyclone moves over
warm 29 deg C SSTs.  These conditions should allow for at least
steady strengthening, and the models unanimously show that trend.
The NHC intensity forecast is conservative for now, but does show
the system becoming a tropical storm later today and a hurricane by
the time it reaches the Leeward Islands.