Shout out to Home Telecom

A couple days ago, we started having problems with the incoming Internet service (Home Telecom) cutting out at random times for 5-30 minutes at a time.

With a bit of help from my friend Patrick (who works for Home Telecom), he was able to tell me my ONT (optical network terminal) was dropping out.

Put in a call to Home Telecom this morning to open up a trouble ticket with them.  Told them about the service issue, and what Patrick told me about the ONT.  A little bit later, I got a call back saying they were seeing issues with the ONT and were going to send someone out to replace the unit.  An hour later, the service tech came by, swapped out the ONT with a new one and verified that we had connectivity.

After a couple hours everything seems fine so far, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for any more service outages.  So far so good.

Thanks to Home Telecom for the awesome and fast service, especially on a long weekend.