2018 storm season is heating up

Statistically, September is the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, and this year is no exception.

Atlantic Tropical Cyclones and Disturbances 2018-09-08
Atlantic Tropical Cyclones and Disturbances 2018-09-08

At the moment, all eyes are on Tropical Storm Florence, which early on seemed like it would stay out in the Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Florence 2018-09-08

Still much too early to say where Florence will hit, but at this point, it seems pretty certain that much of the Eastern US will see something.

After Florence, it seems the next one that will need watching is Tropical Depression 9 (which will likely become Tropical Storm Isaac soon).

Tropical depression 9 2018-09-08
Tropical depression 9 2018-09-08

Season’s getting exciting again.

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