Aging doggos

The puppies are getting older.  Nala will be 14 soon, and Simba will be 13 next year.  Pretty respectable ages for Labradors.

Boop the snoot
Boop the snoot

We don’t go on too many long walks now.  It’s more like I’m pulling them along rather than them pulling me down the street these days.  We go for short walks, or just play in the back yard.

Both dogs have slowed down in activity level over the past few years, but Simba’s starting to show more signs of old age than Nala is.  He’s showing signs of some osteoarthritis and has a bit of muscle atrophy in his hind quarters as a result.  He still runs around in the yard a bit but not as much as he used to, and he’s a little slower to get up these days.

Car ride!

They’re both still happy and content dogs, and I think they’ll be around for a few more birthdays.