Christmas Wonton Soup

For the last few years, having wonton soup has become a bit of a Christmas tradition for us. Not going out for wonton soup, but making it at home from the wontons themselves to the broth.

The first year I made a whole bunch of wontons and broth, and left it in the slow cooker while we were out for the midnight Christmas Mass. It ended up being way too much and turned into a big (but still tasty) mess in the slow cooker. In retrospect, I probably should have anticipated that.

Over the years, the wonton making and cooking process has been refined. This year we made fewer wontons and cooked them when we got back home from the 10AM Christmas Mass.

A tray of wontons

The filling mixture was made the day before. The Sunday before Christmas, we roasted a chicken and the bones were supposed to have been saved to make the wonton broth with, but I forgot this year. Fortunately there was some leftover broth from another batch in the freezer.

Christmas wontons turned out pretty good this year.

A bowl of wonton soup

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