Kitchen Cautions

I rediscovered an important tip about cooking today. Anytime you’re searing something covered with Scotch Bonnet peppers (or any other hot pepper for that matter), always, always, always make sure your kitchen is well vented first.
Excuse me while I go tend to my leaking nose…
At least my sinuses are clear now.

Getting Smoked

My wife’s mom bought a smoker/grill a while ago, and this weekend finally got to use it. What it really means is that my wife and I ended up smoking and grilling just about everything in sight. The last couple of days we’ve been grilling fiends. Grilling/smoking/BBQ’ing is something we’re relatively new at, so each time was a bit of a learning experience. According to our test subjects, all the food turned out very tasty. Once we get a house, we’re looking forward to doing a lot more outdoor cooking.